I am a bold design thinker with a multidisciplinary approach. I am passionate about putting design thinking into practice. I take my role as a designer seriously and want to design a world that is inclusive. I believe that design can transform lives, communities and organizations and make a true difference. Empathy and agile experimentation are at the core of the design process. Focusing on users and testing new concepts in practice enables focusing on the essential problems, failing fast and discovering alternative solutions.

The problems we face are complex and require working together to find creative solutions and new possibilities. I believe the best solutions are developed in multidisciplinary collaboration. For me design is constant learning and communicating with others. I have good communication skills and the ability to network and partner across disciplines. I can find, visualize and give shape to users unconscious needs and find creative solutions to their challenges. I have a lot of experience in facilitating co-design workshops with both adults and children. I have found co-design workshops with special needs children to be very rewarding since their voices and ideas are not often heard.

I have also had the privilege to teach design to children. I have acquainted children with design methods through hands on learning. Design education teaches creative thinking, producing ideas, experimentation and prototyping – skills that are useful in all fields.

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