I am practically blind without my glasses in the swimming hall

I am practically blind without my glasses in the swimming hall

JOHDATUS Guiding tactile tiles for public spaces – using tactile esthetics for guiding  The thesis was awarded Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design thesis of the year 2009. The jury’s comment: “The thesis shows excellent process management. It is a carefully composed comprehensive entirety that produces a lot of new data for both the school’s needs as to the whole professional field. The final result is presented with both presentation techniques as well as proto models of a product series that is nearly ready for production and activates the user by increasing his or her independence.”

WHAT? A guiding, warning and informing set of tiles for public places such as swimming halls. It can also be used in gyms, nursing homes, hotels, spas and shopping centres.

WHY? It is a product series that helps maintain and increase the individual’s independence. The ability to move around and function independently and in one’s own terms activates individuals and improves the quality of life. The possibility to participate and experience belongs to all. There are no guiding tiles designed for wet spaces in the market.

FOR WHO? The tactile tiles serve everyone. Different users pick the information they need. The tiles ease especially the orientation of visually disabled users and users with poor eyesight.

The tactile symbol tiles are in use in the Jakomäki swimming hall in Helsinki directing to the men’s and women’s dressing rooms and showers.